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In general governments, industries and private citizens are not currently prepared for or responsive enough to successfully mitigate the dangers of rapidly changing threats in our world.

With respect to existing shelter technologies, many existing shelters are modifications to existing structures and not designed for protection and operation during and after all relevant potential disasters. Other systems are improvised and may become a life-threatening trap, and tend to lack critical independent infrastructure to ensure continuity of sustainable life-systems and safe storage of valuable property.

Most existing high-end solutions, designed for protecting against a wide range of disasters are often sub-optimized, require complicated deployment (construction) and are too expensive for many potential users.

In a widespread disaster, response teams will be overwhelmed and some will simply not be prepared or properly equipped to sustain safe operations in post-disaster zones with problematic environmental conditions for extended periods of time, particularly when local infrastructure is severely damaged. If widespread rubble and damages to road and bridges exist, response and rescue will be slow. Preparedness will be the key to survival.

Our Vision -

ShellTiers was formed to dramatically enhance preparedness by presenting revolutionary sheltering and rescue solutions. Our systems feature ground breaking and easily customizable hi-tech solutions that embed new concepts, technologies and materials. These shelters may be optimized to meet the full range of relevant threats, or optimized to each owner's budget or exacting needs. And! they are rapidly deployable and relatively inexpensive to emplace.

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