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Is Our World Entering A New Era Of Super Natural Disasters and Man Made Disorder?

The short answer is ... YES!

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  • Consider the facts about natural disasters
    • There is no doubt our global climate is changing. This change is and will continue to cause significant impacts to our safety and well being.
    • The Super Disasters are increasing in scale, scope, geographical impact and cost.

          Super disasters kill people and costs billions!!

  • And man-made disasters are becoming a more widespread threat due to
    • The potential for uncontrolled hazardous material releases.
    • The availability of military grade weapons.
    • The spread and availability of technology.
    • Available technology and problematic governments that may render access to WMD to desperate militaries or terrorists ... and terrorists have NO barriers to their use.
    • Increasingly violent cultural, ethnic, religious and tribal clashes that spread even further and threaten the stability of entire regions of the globe with unpredictable consequences.
    • Biological events, both manmade and natural are a more significant threat today for widespread impacts due to huge global travel patterns and the growth of dense urban areas.
    • Increasing populations and decreasing resources, e.g. food and clean water, triggering increased civil strife, instability and future war.