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Given a threat combination that is relevant to the location and nature of the site(s), being well-prepared at Industrial Zones means selecting and deploying solutions that can optimally shelter and protect personnel and critical property, safeguarding their ability to operate and control critical processes to minimize and contain locally generated hazards that could threaten others.

Accordingly – Industrial zone related threats – are a geographically dependent combination of potential threats to lives, property and internal continuity of safe operating conditions (which in itself, when damaged, can cause secondary threats on-site or to neighboring facilities).

Such combinations of threats may be of

Natural Origin – including major storms (e.g. tornados/cyclones, hurricanes/typhoons and related flooding), wildfires, earthquakes and related tsunamis, river flooding, mud/snow slides, extreme heat/cold waves, and solar storms, which can either directly damage the site, its employees and operations or indirectly threaten it by damaging its infrastructure


Manmade Origin – including the accidental or purposeful spread of hazardous materials, manmade fires, the pandemic spread of disease caused by global travel, accidental or intentional damage to infrastructure and, in particular, utility and communication networks, on-site major accidents threatening the operability or safety of industrial processes, acts of civilian unrest and acts of terror or war.

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