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We learned that dramatic improvements are possible in preparedness for and response to disasters. The conditions and tasks, necessary for excellent pre, during and post-disaster responses, are achievable by interdisciplinary and "out-of-the-box" use of technologies that combine:

  • High-end material engineering has achieved lighter and totally insulated, true-all-weather shelter bodies by utilizing modern light-weight composite and nanomaterials.
  • Shielding engineering combining non-rectangular bodies and multi-layer designs, each combination optimized to relevant threats that may be defined to customize each specific construction to owner requirements.
  • Optimal energy saving and air cleaning technologies.
  • Architectural design that achieves pre-built, multi-use, affordable, easily sealable, globally transportable, rapidly deployable and customizable secure constructions that combine full protection during disastrous events with diversified usability for every-day tasks "prior to" and "post" disasters.
  • Structural engineering that enables the simple "chaining" of several independent or semi-independent units for forming the required operational space above and/or underground.