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ShellTiers engineering teams design StrucTiers systems to be easily tailored to user needs and applications. While certain tailored features must be taken into consideration during pre-production discussions, others are controllable by the user, after delivery. For example -

ShellTiers can optimize per requirements -

  • Each unit's shell design - internal/external skins, exact shape, insulators and coatings
  • Maximal/minimal required sizes of the outermost element (per carrier/usage limits)
  • Required number of elements included in a series (per usage needs)
  • Internal/external entries to StrucTiers elements when either tightly packed or field deployed
  • Required infrastructure for the expected length of deployment, the environmental conditions and applications (e.g. energy sources, storage needs etc.)

But End-Users may, post-purchase, control certain features of the StrucTiers such as -

  • Number of required independent/dependent series'-elements to be deployed on a "per-mission" basis
  • Packing/unpacking /deployment/storage methodologies of the series
  • Mobilization means of a packed/unpacked series' elements when delivered to/at/from deployment sites
  • Power, Air, Water, Communications (source of supply and methods of on-site storage)
  • Design of application-dependent furniture/equipment and modes of their storage, delivery and installation
  • Add-on post-deployment layers and sub-systems (e.g. means for ballistic protection, coupling of renewable energy sources, etc.)