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StrucTiers ... the rescue platforms of tomorrow

All-weather structures for prompt deployment to disaster zones

StrucTiers is an extremely light and compact, yet rigid and insulated series of constructions
designed to be delivered to post-disaster sites on a single pallet
by a single air or ground carrier(e.g. Chinook/medium-size truck)

Disastrous events, natural or manmade, are going to occur with growing frequency and impact all over the globe. Regardless of their source or cause they have one common denominator – they all call for prompt and effective response and rescue operations.
StrucTiers units provide an optimal and customizable physical all-weather environment for massive rescue operations. These structures are rapidly deployed and rapidly operational. They are independent of local infrastructure and the system can meet a variety of customized and updateable needs at disaster sites such as:
  • Operation centers for the rescue forces
  • Housing for rescue teams
  • Field hospitals
  • Public buildings for the local community (schools, etc.)
  • Storage and logistical operations
  • And all within a controllable environment