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  • The extremely lightweight StrucTiers systems, are based on advanced composite and nanomaterial shells, coupled to application specific "add-ons" and "payload" purposes.
  • The full system is stored and transported on a single pallet and delivered to deployment sites as an encapsulated tightly packed system.
  • Each encapsulated system is designed to be promptly deployed and later swiftly repacked and moved to alternative sites, forward deployed storage or depots.
  • Upon delivery to the deployment site the set-up is designed to be conducted and completed by a trained team of 3 persons, within 30 to 120 minutes, depending upon its designated application and ground and weather conditions.
  • The system design enables utilizing certain elements of the system as a separate construction, or as a sub-group of connected ("chained") constructions, (e.g. telescopically opened long-structure), per application and user requirements.
  • If needed, several systems can be "chained" together.
  • The thin hi-tech skins of StrucTiers are insulated to allow true "all-weather" operations, sealed yet fully ventilated and providing extremely spacious volume.