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Tube-Be is designed to support its users during periods and applications which are not limited to disaster times. Accordingly the internal space and subsystems can support diversified uses, including -

  • During and Post Disaster - Institutional or private sheltering of people, property, and various types of operations (e.g. control center of critical events and on-going rescue activities)
  • In-between disasters - The uses are limited only by the available (customizable) space and imagination. Potential uses can include for example:
    • Functioning as a permanent 365/24 control/management center for the using entity
    • An optimized sheltered storage of valuable/precious property/collections (servers and storage disks/wine/art/memorabilia...)
    • A well-appointed setting for a quiet, safe and undisturbed space for working/control-center/meeting-point
    • Turning up the volume of sound systems W/O disturbing family or neighbors
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