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Tube-Be ... or not to-be

Tube-Be is a geo-specific, mostly underground, multi-functional sheltering system designed for prolonged usage, while optimally supporting and protecting people, property and operations -
before, during and after natural or manmade disasters


Natural disasters- including tornados/cyclones, hurricanes/typhoons and related flooding, wild-fires, earth quakes and related tsunamis, river flooding, mud-slides, extreme heat/cold waves, solar storms,


Manmade disasters - including the accidental or purposeful spread of hazardous materials, manmade fires, the pandemic spread of disease caused by massive global travel, and acts of civilian unrest, and acts of terror or war.

By combining extensive shelter functionalities with pre-designed "every-day" uses , Tube-Be provides superior return on investment and optimal preparedness for disastrous events.



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