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  • Tube-Be is based on maintenance-free, composite material, cylindrical solid construction units, designed to withstand high-pressure and shock waves "at" or "under" ground levels.
  • Each of Tube-Be versions enables its users to be comfortably protected, and independent of external infrastructure for a period tailored to a relevant set of pre-selected natural/manmade events.
  • Tube-Be system is designed to be installed and ready for use underground within 48 hours after being delivered to deployment site by a standard mid-size truck including a mobile crane.
  • Tube-Be is deployable fully underground as well as above ground or partially covered.
  • In most cases - a deeper placement, particularly when cover layers are pre-engineered, elevates the system's overall protection level.
  • Tube-Be is delivered almost fully integrated to the deployment site. Final setting of entry/exit means as well as integration links to local infrastructure (if included) are conducted "on-site".
  • Tube-Be is designed to support all safety and operational requirements including energy, clean and conditioned air, water and food and communications, all independent, when required, of local infrastructure.
  • Tube-Be can be easily moved from site to site for years after its underground deployment.
  • Unlike most alternative solutions - Tube-Be design enables underground "chaining" of systems before or even years after deployment without degrading the overall structural strength/seal-ability of each integrated unit.
  • While acting as a high-end shelter during disaster, the system supports multi-use plans including usage by owners in-between disasters.
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