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Unlike other sheltering technologies, the Tube-Be systems require very short deployment processes, based on the following embedded features:

  • The entire system can be delivered to its deployment site by a single ground (truck+ crane) or airborne (Helicopter) carrier.
  • The system is delivered to deployment site almost fully integrated.
  • The ditch that is needed for placement of the shelter can be as small as the shelter dimensions + 1m at each side, depending on soil types on site.
  • Being based on fully sealed cylindrical elements, system placement at sites containing high water-table is not a problematic limitation.
  • Final integration of composite material elements that are connectable to the system "on-site" can be mechanically managed from the inner side of the shelter.

A typical deployment process of a Tube-Be system, by a trained team, can be completed within 48 hours or less from delivery to a prepared site.




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