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ShellTiers has developed two customizable product lines –

The StrucTiers family - Mostly above ground systems for supporting response forces and the provision of environs requiring support for sensitive technology and climate controls, e.g. deployable hospitals and control centers.

  • Pre-built customizable "bubble-like" constructions, completely sealable, tightly stacked within a single capsule, non-rectangular shape, extremely light-weight, and based on a composite and nanomaterial shell.
  • Designed for transportation by a single prime carrier (from storage to the disaster site), promptly deployable by a team of 3 on the ground, and delivering a series of multiple rigid constructions that are truly all-weather, featuring a multi-usage design, suitable for rugged terrains, and have a surprisingly large usable and fully protected floor area.

The TUBE-BE family – Mostly underground systems for sheltering people, property and operations during and post disasters.

  • Mostly prefabricated (with minor integrations on site), non-rectangular, light-weight, composite material shell, fully sealed and customizable "bubble-like" construction.
  • Designed to cost-effectively protect against relevant disaster threats by an optimization of structural designs, embedded subsystems, customized doors, elevators (handicap accessible) and cover layers.
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